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Round Glasses - Fat Pack Compatibility Update

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3D models of virtual reality optimized round glasses.

The glasses have been modeled with the default face shapes!
If Blendshapes or Visemes are active clipping might appear.

The glasses have versions for:

- Freakhound (New)
- Deuzear (New)
- Novabeast (New)
- Archer (New)
- Azalea (New)
- Rexouium (Might need adjusting depending on the version)
- Canis Woof
- Hyenid
- Nardoragon
- Wickerbeast
- New Winterpaw Canine
- Jerry Avali
- Kita'vali
- Da'vali

Frame Texture versions:
- Black
- White
- Gradiant
- Dot Gradiant
- Zebra
- Checker Pattern
- Glitter / Sparkle emission map

- Folded up
- Frame Thickness
- Single Sided

Glass overlay see product pictures.

Blender, Substance files. PSD File and Unity package is included.

How to Use:

  • Make sure you are using the latest VRChat Avatar SDK. Or use the Creator Companion App.
  • Import the Round Glasses Unity package and drag the scene or a prefab onto your existing scene.
  • Enable the correct prefab for your avatar and pick your favorite pattern from the material folder.
  • Parent the Glasses to the head bones of the avatar. When the x,y,z is set to 0 it should sit correctly.
    (If it dosn't fit either match the scaling of the Avatar or get in contact with us)
  • Upload your Avatar.

If you have trouble, experience clipping or run into other issues just join
our Discord:


Please get in contact with us before leaving a bad rating.
We want to continuously improve the products for everyone and we are always happy to help!

Pictures might differ from the Product.

Distributing and or reselling the Product is prohibited.
More license information can be found on our discord.

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Stylish round glasses

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Round Glasses - Fat Pack Compatibility Update

31 ratings
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